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  • Mark Clary

What Is Pride?

Should we really love ourselves? Most of us recognize that a proud person that thinks too highly of themselves is wrong. Yet, we as a society promote the very thing we supposedly do not like. Our entire society celebrates “Pride Month” and we proudly display rainbow colored flags as if pride is something to be proud of. Pride month is nothing more than promoting self affirmation at any cost. We encourage self esteem in our children, the entire mental health profession is focused on “whatever feels good to you, do it”, etc. We are always saying we are “proud” of something, yet do we really understand the temporal and eternal dangers of pride as God spells out in His Word? Proverbs 6:16-19 lists pride as one of seven sins the Lord Himself hates and is an abomination to Him. We know that pride goes before destruction as stated in Proverbs 16:18. Let us remember that when we do not take seriously the warnings that God has given regarding pride and other sins in our life, we are dangerously close to spending eternity in hell. All of us should greatly fear the pride in ourselves. The Lord is serious when He says “pride goes before destruction”. Spending eternity in agony and torment is something for us to think about next time we decide to do something stupid. At the very least, we need to listen to our conscience (if it is still working), as this is God's warning sign to us to pause before we think, say, or do something that we know is wrong.

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