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  • Mark Clary

What Is Hell Really Like?

We all have a conscience that warns us of right and wrong whilst we draw breath here on earth. Many of us will ultimately try to suppress or quiet our conscience in favor of gratifying our own sinful desires and appetites. The result of this is stated in Romans 1:24, “Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.” In short, God withdraws His restraining influence on sin and gives you up to a depraved mind to do all sorts of things that are not right and proper, as stated in Romans 1:28-30. The end result is eternal death in hell where you will experience the most agonizing pain and suffering you could possibly imagine. If you think you are eternally safe and this does not apply to you, then you are deceived and think too highly of yourself. Galatians 6:3, “For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.”

My responsibility is to persuade myself, and you, about the terrors of the Lord that we might escape this inevitable danger that awaits most of mankind (II Corinthians 5:11). So what is it like when God casts people into hell for all of eternity? While on earth your conscience warned you of right and wrong, but in hell your conscience will accuse and torment you for ignoring the many warnings and admonitions to reform your life in accordance with God's Word. You will lament exceedingly because you never took seriously the dangers of hell while you lived here on earth. The era of second chances is over and you are now forever locked up in an eternal prison with no hope of probation. Job 7:9, “When a cloud vanishes, it is gone, so he who goes down to hell does not come up.” You will be confined and restricted to such a small space in this prison it would be akin to being put in a casket and buried alive. You will scream incessantly for help and try and claw your way out of this eternal casket that you must now endure for all of eternity.

Luke 16:19-31 gives us a picture of what happens in hell. In hell you will be able to see those whom the Lord has chosen to be in heavenly bliss and paradise. This will serve to further intensify the anguish and torment of your conscience with a deep sense of guilt because you never took seriously the warnings of hell while you walked on this earth. You will cry out for one drop of water to cool your tongue as your entire body is on fire. The intense heat of this fire will cause your soft tissues and internal organs to contract, which causes the skin to tear and the fat and muscles to shrink, at which point your bones and joints become rubbery and flexible. Yet, through all this you will not die or cease to exist, you must be subject to this agony and pain for all of eternity. You know how bad it hurts when you burn your finger, and you know with a little treatment and time it will feel better. But in hell this intense pain will never go away, and you will scream for some relief that will never come to you.  Your face and body will be so deformed and grotesque that you would wish you were never born. No amount of cosmetic surgery or makeup will help to alleviate your most hideous appearance that you must now live with for all of eternity. Most of you know what burning hair smells like, that smell will pale in comparison to the burning stench of your flesh. In hell you will beg those in heaven to go and warn your family and loved ones who are still living here on earth of this place of torment. But you will be told that they have the prophets and God's Word that clearly tells them of the horrors of hell. Even if someone were to go back from the dead and tell them of hell they would still not be persuaded.

Once again, if you think these warnings do not apply to you then you give clear evidence you are of your father the devil. If this has stirred your conscience, then there is hope that you may endeavor more to seek the narrow way to avoid this place of everlasting despair and torment.

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